Making Excuses

native-cartoonimmigration1 Arizona has, coincidentally within mere days, passed several laws that target immigrants and people of color—oh wait, perhaps I should phrase it in a way that passive sympathizers would:

Arizona has, with no relevance to timeliness, passed a law or two that target Latinos anyone who might be in the country illegally; teachers who have Latino accents do not fulfill arbitrary requirements to teach; the first black president, Barack Obama presidential candidates who are suspected of being born outside of the country; and school curriculums that teach historical fact non-traditional American history of oppressing people.

Giving the proponents of these Arizona laws the benefit of a doubt is no different than giving someone wearing a hooded white robe the benefit of a doubt while a black guy fries on a burning cross behind him just to be fair.

This is ridiculous. I was born outside of the United States. I emigrated to Bronx, New York when I was young and my first class was in an English as a Second Language (ESL) school. The part of Bronx, NY I lived in was populated by a supermajority of African Americans and Latinos with some Middle Eastern, South Asian and Africans in the mix. There was one single non-African-American/Latino in my entire high school—that’s just about where the mix was, if the single white guy in the school accounted for all non-African-American/Latino in the community. The teacher I had from K-2nd grade at the public school I attended did not speak perfect English; she had a strong Latino-English accent and her first language was Spanish. Can you guess how I turned out?

According to this online American accent quiz, I have a “Midland accent,” which they define as “just another way of saying ‘you don’t have an accent.’” This is after I was taught English by a Latino with a horrible accent—which is now banned in Arizona.

The Arizona Department of Education recently began telling school districts that teachers whose spoken English it deems to be heavily accented or ungrammatical must be removed from classes for students still learning English.

Arizona is rich with Latinos who have grown up in heavily Spanish-speaking communities or have emigrated from Spanish-speaking countries to live a better life in the US. Apparently that better life includes being subjected to racism-inspired laws. These laws have one demographic in mind: Latinos. They vote more Democratic than whites; change the public discourse towards and give it a more liberal slant; and endanger the social, economic and political power of the white Anglo-Saxon Protestant demographic. Those who wish to maintain the status quo of a conservative, white-controlled state would benefit from marginalizing immigrants and passively forcing them to leave the state—or at least stay home on voting day to avoid being harassed waiting in line to vote.

Greg Palast posits:

What moved GOP Governor Jan Brewer to sign the Soviet-style show-me-your-papers law is the exploding number of legal Hispanics, US citizens all, who are daring to vote – and daring to vote Democratic by more than two-to-one. Unless this demographic locomotive is halted, Arizona Republicans know their party will soon be electoral toast. Or, if you like, tortillas.

Palast recalls Jan Brewer, who had been working as secretary of state at the time, oversaw some of the most egregious attacks on democracy since the last minute blacks and women weren’t allowed to vote. She oversaw the eradication of the Latino vote: “no fewer than 100,000 voters, overwhelmingly Hispanic, were blocked from registering to vote” (Palast). The crackdown on immigration, by giving police the go-ahead to blatantly racially profile a group of people.

This is a likely scenario: Police officer patrols the area and sees a Latino standing in front of a building, approaches the individual to make sure he’s not trespassing, and asks for ID and proof of a recognized immigrant status. Basically, for non-citizens, proof would be a green card; proving one’s citizenship would require either naturalization papers or white skin.

Sm_EdwinPerello_NaturalizationCertificate_Blocked In case you need proof of my citizenship to consider me a human being, I’ve included a photo copy to the right.

I’m used to dealing with racism. Reading about people being passive about racism, not so much. Seeing people I know being passive about racism, though, really gets my goat. Giving the proponents of these Arizona laws the benefit of a doubt is no different than giving someone wearing a hooded white robe the benefit of a doubt while a black guy fries on a burning cross behind him just to be fair. Who knows, the guy in the KKK outfit might simply be protecting his daughter from the monster underneath her bed.

Perhaps mainstream Americans simply cannot see the racism bubbling up in the pool of shit they’re wading in. The cesspool has been mounting to a boiling point despite the appeasers’ insistence that the intentions of the assholes taking a shit all over America are innocent.

The appeasers argue that the proponents of the bills are simply trying to protect the border from terrorists and the Mexican gangs hanging out at border towns. Never mind the fact US recreational drug prohibition has created the black market that has troubled Mexico, other Central American countries and the island countries south of the US border. Never mind the fact the 9/11 hijackers were in the country legally. Never mind the fact prohibition never works and strict, limited immigration is yet another form of prohibition.

Appeasers make the claim that the Arizona immigration law wouldn’t target Latinos and would be enforced against all immigrants, regardless of color or place of origin. This claim is made despite those who make it cannot explain how or why a light-skinned illegal immigrant from, for example, Canada would get hit with this new immigration profiling law. These appeasers also disregard the flagrant assaults on voting rights against immigrant and, specifically, Latinos in the state of Arizona. Let’s also disregard the fact some people want to treat immigrants like dogs and implant radio-frequency identification (RFID) chips into them to monitor their every move. This would make it easier to track immigrants when they try to cross the border again (it’s inevitable) so Sarah Palin can board her helicopter and shoot them from the air.

Appeasers argue that it would be beneficial if students were taught English by peopl
e who sp
eak English without an accent. Never mind the fact language differs throughout the country. The grand plethora of dialect and accents among the US populace delegitimizes any claims that this rule is not racist—unless Arizona is going to bar people from the deep south, Brooklyn or Jersey Shore from teaching. It can almost be argued that someone with a heavy accent speaking English may make it more difficult for students to learn how to speak English more properly but what’s the definition of “proper English”? Unless Americans are going to borrow thousands of teachers from the UK to teach proper English, I don’t see how this makes much sense. If we’re going to nitpick about teachers, someone tell me who the hell taught people that the moon is a source of light instead of merely a reflector of light. It seems we have bigger fish to fry.

Appeasers also want to disregard the fact the law Arizona passed which would require every presidential candidate prove he or she is a natural born citizen of the US is not targeting the first black president of the US, Barack Obama. Birthers would have you believe that Obama was born in Kenya and his prescient parents ensured those darn dimwitted white people would be fooled by a birth announcement in a Hawaiian newspaper. Watch the imbecility of this argument from appeasers and proponents get shredded by a CNN host finally using his journalism degree for more than a wall ornament:

The asshole says he doesn’t believe everything he reads on the Internet (and people shouldn’t) yet cites Internet sources for everything he believes! What kind of crack is this guy smoking? Probably from Mexico.

I posted this video from Rachael Maddow’s show in an earlier post but everything she says and exposes bears repeating over and over again. The immigration law, in specific, was written by a group called FAIR which is known for being anti-immigration. Being anti-immigration is one thing but an anti-immigration group that hires known racists and bigots—and supports racial separatists who are bold enough to acknowledge it—is not merely an anti-immigration group: it’s a flat-out KKK subsidiary.

So go ahead and appease the racist assholes who have decided to come out of the closet. Don’t forget that laws have consequences. These consequences are as much a part of the law as the law which these consequences stem from—there is no divorcing these consequences from their origin! A law that leads to racial profiling has the intent of creating racial profiling. A law that targets and removes Latino teachers from teaching English to students who speak only Spanish has the intent of targeting and removing Latino teachers.

No one can divorce a law from its consequences or the intentions of its authors. An appeaser of these laws cannot divorce him or herself from the consequences of defending the actions of racists. Stop defending the indefensible.


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