Against the Immigration Tide

The Non-Fucking-Stupid People(NFSP) know what kind of actions are actual solutions to immigration instead of simply bandaids made of spit and acid.

To explain my contention about immigration and market forces:

Legal immigration quotas were set more than 20 years ago, when the U.S. demand for unskilled and highly skilled workers was much smaller than today’s.

The U.S. labor market demands up to 500,000 low-skilled workers a year, while the current U.S. immigration system allows for only 5,000 permanent visas for that category, according to the National Immigration Forum, a pro-immigration reform advocacy group.

In other words, there is major market demand for laborers but there’s a bottleneck due to old immigration policy that has been largely ignored by the federal body politic, partly due to the fear of seeming to give in to immigrant demands. Reagan giving amnesty to illegal residents in the US marred his public image with conservatives and conservatives do not want to make any realistic attempts at practical, rational solutions to the immigration problem. Reagan, to go along with amnesty, promised to increase border security but realized it would be far too costly and would have made the deficit explode even further than his tax cuts had already caused. Republicans, who have largely controlled Congress since then until only recently, would never do something to make their xenophobic base rise to anger. Liberals haven’t had the political power to take action until now—and even now, due to greater polarization in both chambers of Congress, it’s highly unlikely any good immigration reform that deals with these market demands for human capital would actually get passed.

"There is no real line for unskilled workers,” says Maurice Belanger, the Forum’s public information director. "If you are a Mexican wanting to get a legal visa to work as a waiter in the United States, you would be dead before you get your visa.”

It’s somewhat easier to immigrate legally if you have close family members who are U.S. citizens, but often not by much. According to the latest U.S. State Department’s visa bulletin, there is a lengthy backlog in several family visa application categories.

There are primarily two doorways past the border through legal means for poor/middle class foreigners: worker visas and family-related visas. Both, as just stated, are difficult to obtain due to antedeluvian immigration policy. An update to the policy, which, as I said above, would be very difficult, especially with all the false information and outright lies on the effects of immigration in communities (and worse, the negative effects of illegal immigration would not make good arguments when it comes to the argument of what positive/negative effects come from legal, documented expatriates) driving public sentiment south.

The U.S. government is now processing 1992 applications of Mexican adult children of U.S. citizens, and 1987 applications of Filipino brothers and sisters of U.S. citizens.

This is due to the backlog of aging immigration policy.

"Many people think we have good laws and bad people who are breaking them,” says Frank Sharry, head of America’s Voice, a pro-immigration reform advocacy group. "But we have bad laws and mostly good people who have no line to get into legally.”

This is just one aspect of why foreigners opt for illegal entry and retention instead of going through legal means. It makes little sense to wait decades when by the time a prospective migrant would finally gain entry legally, that migrant would already be back home with his remittances.

The problems associated with illegal immigration exist because of aging immigration laws. Policing will not fix the illegal immigration problem because it does not deal with the problem and only makes the problem even worse. If it wasn’t for the aging immigration laws, the illegal problem wouldn’t exist or, at least, wouldn’t be as bad as they are now.

It’s easy to say that the federal government has been lazy and unwilling to deal with this problem but the fact of the matter is that the federal government and the people we vote into office are unwilling to do what people like those in Arizona are demanding be done—which is what the state has opted to do. It’s well known among the NFSP that dealing with the demand for labor instead of simply fighting against that demand is the way to go but the fucking stupid voters make it clear they don’t want solutions, they simply want a scapegoat to lay all their own, self-perpetuated fucking problems on.


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