Republicans: Literally Terrorists

This is actually a bit more disturbing and shocking than you’ll think – until you give it a moment to sink in.

The Republican Party has decided it’s going to embrace domestic terrorism. The right-wing populist rage that’s surging throughout the country has been at near boiling point and the GOP has decided to turn the heat up a little bit, giving not-very-veiled ideas to these enraged masses to take up action against the government.

Time Magazine had this report:

anonymousThe Republican Governors Association has embraced the symbolism of Fawkes, launching a rather striking website,, with a video that showcases far more Hollywood savvy than one can usually expect from Republicans. Again, the Fawkes tale has been twisted a bit. This time, President Obama plays the role of King James, the Democratic leadership is Parliament, and the Republican Party represents the aggrieved Catholic mass.

The politics and substance aside, this strikes me as a remarkable bit of political messaging, not just for its cinematic quality. The RGA, under the control of Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, is clearly stepping out of the stodgy, safe territory it normally inhabits. It is aiming to tap into the vast well of anti-government fury now coursing through the nation. Who would have guessed that Barbour would embrace the symbolic value of the same would-be mass murderer as the Wachowski brothers?

OK, so if someone wants to make a stretch after reading this, it can be argued that this is just Hollywood theatre and not a call for action. But, of course, it’s just not that simple, is it? Steve Benen reports:

Last fall, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) organized a right-wing rally on Capitol Hill for November 5, in the hopes of killing health care reform. After characterizing her followers as "insurgents" and "freedom fighters," Bachmann urged far-right activists to, in her word, "scare" federal lawmakers.

The scheduling of Bachmann’s Capitol Hill soiree was a little disconcerting — she picked a date widely known as Guy Fawkes Night. In other words, one of the country’s most extreme lawmakers chose to rally right-wing activists, label them an "insurgency," and encourage them to roam the halls of Congress deliberately "scaring" members of Congress, on the infamous date that marks an attempt to blow up the Houses of Parliament.


That changes everything. It’s not enough to call Obama a socialist/oppressor/dictator. Now the entire Democratic Party is deserving of having their lives endangered by unstable protestors. It’s one thing to incite people to protest and speak their voice but it’s a completely different animal when you tell them to TERRORIZE members of Congress and call them INSURGENTS.

There is a fine line between freedom of expression and incitement to violence. The line has clearly been crossed with a major leap to the latter side.


One thought on “Republicans: Literally Terrorists

  1. Yes – let's take the Republicans OUT!! Bomb all the governors' offices! Sounds like tea party people. I've seen the news – they're mostly white haired retirees. Give it a break.

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