Beck, Televangelist and Cult Leader

Glenn Beck seems to be on the fast track to becoming the next L. Ron Hubbard, creating a religious movement out of thin air and of the mind. Bob Cesca has been trying to explain the fallacy that is Beck through his blog on the Huffington Post:

Granted, Beck is a talented performer, as most successful grifters and matchstick men are. Even though he’s extraordinarily unfunny, he’s just as effective as America’s sleaziest and most notorious televangelists when it comes to scamming his audience into believing, say, that a random misspelled acronym actually means something significant, or that just because the president’s mother enjoyed Nietzsche means that she was somehow a socialist (Nietzsche was no fan of socialism).

It comes to no surprise that Glenn Beck has been trying to sell something to his viewers. It’s not something that would benefit them; he’s trying to convince his audience to do something equivalent to self-flagellation: getting rid of their social safety net—Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.

This week on his television show, Glenn Beck has proposed that Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid be entirely eliminated. Other conservatives appearing on Beck’s show suggested perhaps that Social Security and Medicare be privatized — yeah, even after the financial collapse we’ve experienced, people are still going around suggesting that we invest Social Security and Medicare funds in the market. Anyway, Beck refused even that, instead sticking to the idea that we kill all three of those programs. You know, in order to help the economy. Without Social Security, half of all senior citizens would die in poverty. Eliminate Medicare and Medicaid from the equation and it’s difficult to imagine the economy improving with tens of millions of additional Americans thrown into poverty for the sake of proving Glenn Beck’s far-right economic theories.

Indeed, much like a cult leader who would demand of his followers to leave all their wealth behind and follow him into the scorching fire of salvation, Beck is truly building himself up to be a god amongst men—he even has God on his side.

“God is giving a plan, I think, to me…” says Beck.

He goes on to say he has seen absolute proof that America’s founding fathers were directed by God to create His land of freedom and that people should “stand, peacefully, quietly, with anger” against anyone who would make it differently.

Beck is selling something. He wants to see a theocracy in this country—and thinks he’s the prophet for the rebirth of this America that has been soiled by liberals and progressives.

The man is a cult leader. Who would lay down everything they have and follow him?


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