Reading the Polls

It seems that Republicans are going to need to take a few classes on how to read public opinion. Republicans have selling repeal of health care reform and point to a majority of Americans wanting health care reform repealed. What they don’t get is that the public wants more liberal reform, not more conservative reform.

When asked how important they thought it was for Congress to work on “establishment of a public option that would give individuals a choice between government provided health insurance or private health insurance,” 67 percent of Americans rated this as an important topic to address. This finding is even more striking given the fact that 59 percent of those in favor of repealing the health care reform legislation rated the public option as important to pursue. Another surprise is that 67 percent of Republicans and 59 percent of Independents also agreed that the public option was an important topic to be addressed by Congress.

In essence, they want a public option. If Republicans want to go with the public opinion flow, effectively arguing for a plebiscitary (pure democratic rule), they better learn what the public actually wants.

The people want a public option. Give it to them.

H/t mcjoan, Igor Volsky


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