Good news for women who hate internet porn: Men are increasingly bored with the genre’s fake female characters and implausible situations. The bad news: Men are increasingly getting off to actual females they know, via Facebook pictures.

6a00d83451b46869e200e54f2868938834-640wi This paragraph has too many truths to count. I’ve never understood why fake porn was so popular. Whenever I see an adult star who has gone through as much plastic surgery as she has money shots, I avert my eyes due to lack of interest.

The typical male response would be that I’m gay but the truth is amateur porn is more realistic and, as a result, more attractive. My wife reminds me that amateur porn wasn’t readily available before the Internet changed that. The adult porn industry argued that amateur porn being free has been hurting its business. What I’m seeing, though, is that on top of that, amateur pornography is more appealing to the average customer.

There are real economic arguments on supply/demand/price/etc. that can be made but I’d rather just settle with my personal argument: give me reality; the porn industry can keep its fake boobs.

P.S.: The irony of this post considering my previous post on the moral deficit in the Catholic church is not lost on me. At least I don’t fuck little kids.


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