GOP: Marginalized To Oblivion

Now Glenn Beck thinks Mitt Romney is a socialist. Here is the video and below is the transcript:

Let’s take a look at what Barack Obama has done since taking office that would raise any suspicion [that he is a socialist]. Again, the mainstream media can’t come up with a single thing. What have we uncovered?

When Harry Smith offered one potential thing that Americans could possibly point out that might be construed as socialism, Obama quickly squashed that nonsense by pointing out that a Republican proposed a similar plan.

Here he is:

SMITH: They would say that mandating that people have to buy insurance is something like that.

OBAMA: The sort of plan proposed by current Republican nominee Mitt Romney? Yeah, so…it doesn’t make too much sense.

Which is why is why I said when Mitt Romney was running for president I don’t want anyone who even flirts with socialism…his defense for an obvious socialist act is: ‘Well Mitt Romney, he’s a Republican and he did it too.’

Did anybody else’s mom, I remember mine probably in 1969 saying, you know, things like: ‘If Mitt Romney would jump off a cliff, would you jump off too?’ Which wouldn’t have made any sense in 1969 because I wouldn’t have known who Mitt Romney was, but you get the point.

It seems to me that you can’t disprove your socialism with someone else’s socialism. Can you?

If Romney’s too socialist for the public face of the Tea Party movement and the Republican Party is trying to tap into that group, who can possibly be presidential candidate for the GOP? How far to the right can they go? Do they even have people that stretch that far to the right?

… who am I kidding. Of course they do.


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