Fake News and Outright Lies

Sometimes blog posts are so apropos to current dialogue even when you don’t realize it. I wrote a blog just a few minutes ago about Ayn Rand and the Republican thruthiness problem where they create reality out of lies and falsehoods. Here is my favorite television talking head, Rachael Maddow, speaking truth to power about the falsification of news and the outright lies that have been spread by news outlets:


This is why I love Rachael Maddow. She calls out liars for the damned liars they are. Conservatives don’t want to go on her show because she will ask them tough questions, unlike on Fox News where they get softball questions and back up when there happens to be a liberal on the panel (who is there just to get ganged up).

New York Times columnist Ross Douthat decided to make up some more fake news of his own when he wrote:

What might work, instead, is a cable news network devoted to actual debate. For all the red-faced shouting, debate isn’t really what you get on Fox and MSNBC. Hannity has ditched Colmes, andconservatives are only invited on Rachel Maddow’s show when they have something nasty to say about Republicans.

Glenn Greenwald sets the record straight, quoting Maddow after a Pawlenty interview on her show:

Governor Pawlenty represents Minnesota and I will just say — we ask a lot of Republicans to be on the show and they almost always say no. So, I am particularly grateful whenever anybody says yes. And to any Republicans out there who we ask — see — I’m not so bad.

Greenwald writes:

The real problem is not that Maddow fails to invite conservatives on her show; she does exactly that relentlessly.  The problem is that most leading conservatives refuse to be interviewed by anyone — such as Maddow — who will conduct adversarial interviews.

The truth of the matter is that the concept of creating reality out of lies is how the Republican Party plays the political game. Instead of running with reality and convincing the public they have better policies, they simply come up with shit. This isn’t new. This is how it’s been for a long time. They simply perfected it.


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