Democratic Backbone

I love it when Democrats find out they have a backbone and finally use it. Andy Kroll, last week:

no-bones Oregon’s attorney general, John Kroger, announced yesterday that he’s readying a massive defense alongside the state’s governor to defend the constitutionality of Obama’s health bill. (Both men are Democrats.) "The health care reform cases present some of the most important constitutional issues facing this generation," Kroger said in a statement.

Ezra Klein adds more, including referencing Kroll:

On Friday, Politico published an op-ed by Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray and Iowa’s attorney general, Tom Miller, explaining why they refused to file anti-reform lawsuits and why Congress "has ample power" to legislate under health care. And they don’t shirk from defending the constitutionality of the mandate: "We live under mandates every day. Without them, society as we know it would disintegrate."

Image source: Blake Wright


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