Monsanto & The Stand

In the book and movie, The Stand, by Steven King, the world finds itself in deep doo doo because of a man-made biological weapon, a super flu, commonly called Captain Trips. This super virus was unintentionally spread but we, as a people, had developed the virus. Monsanto has found out a way to have the same effect without going to such unethical means! Hoorah for science!

Monsanto is the premier biotechnology corporation which genetically modifies plants to make farming more efficient, among other things—including, apparently, a much quieter version of the Day of the Triffids Armageddon, where plants doom the world. Monsanto has been funding research on a modified soy bean that will not only make you lose weight, but will also make you hella sick. The scientist behind the research, Elvira de Mejia (Evil-ra?) “The peptides fight inflammation by blocking key enzymes in the body’s immune response.”

As Bob Cesca points out, nothing can go wrong with this. Amirite? Cesca quotes an email sent to him making this sound pretty badly but it doesn’t have to go that far. Suppressing the immune system’s response in general through the food we consume is bad. It just is. Imagine a world wherein the people consume food primarily made using this new soy bean. Day-of-the-TriffidsEveryone’s immune system would be susceptible to the normally mundane or only moderately dangerous viruses slinking through the air…

Turning an averagely bad bird flu into…



We’re doomed. Then the soy bean plants will come to life and eat us.


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