Minimum IQ For Politicians

This is low. This is pathetic. This is so outrageous, it’s difficult to not get mad. How in the world does someone this stupid get into public office? I mean, sure, the argument that all politicians are stupid is out there and I largely don’t believe it—politicians tend to get stretched thin due to commitments to the party, lobbyists and special interests, and the needs of their constituents. This, however, is not excusable. How in the world is it that in 2010 we have people who think islands are free floating on the oceans? Democratic Party representative from Georgia Rep. Hank Johnson thinks Guam might tip over due to overpopulation. Afer setting up the concern by mentioning the dimensions of the island, the good bit starts at 1:15:

How anyone can argue the guy wasn’t really saying the island could just literally tip over is beyond me.

In case you didn’t know, islands are directly attached to the rest of the planet.



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