For Better Pop Music

I fell in love with Janelle Monae’s music video for her song Many Moons.

While Ezra Klein (from whom I heard of Monae for the first time) uses the new music video for her song Tightrope as an example of her music here, I think Many Moons is a much better example.

I have no love for Lady Gaga. I have loved techno/house and electronica music in general for almost as long as I’ve loved music at all and her music is not only not inspirational, it’s just not good at all. That’s my take, though, and everyone is entitled to their opinion, but Alyssa Rosenberg says it well:

What Lady Gaga has done for pantslessness, Monae may well do for saddle shoes, pompadours, and the tuxedo. While it often seems that Gaga’s music is simply a vehicle for her performance art, her songs catchy but unextraordinary dance tunes elevated by the package in which they’re delivered, Monae has a voice strong enough to have considered pursuing a Broadway career. And she deploys that instrument in swoops and chants on her best songs. Where Lady Gaga’s best videos are strong, referential pastiches, Monae has created an eerie world in her videos tracing the adventures of her alter-ego, an android named Cindi Mayweather, a universe where magic and technology coexist and interact, and where music and dance are potent but risky weapons of liberation.

I rest my case.

H/t Ezra Klein


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