I posted a video of one of my favorite bands, Tristania, yesterday and reminisced about why I was attracted to this type of music. I believe their song, Angina, is also a good example of the sound came to adore:

Sadly, there is no official video for this beautiful song. Worse, the ship has sailed since Morten Veland, the male vocalist and main lyricist left the band and moved on and Vibeke Stene, the female vocalist left the band to teach singing. The song is also a bit old, from 1999.

There is no coming to consciousness without pain. – Carl Jung 

Someone once asked me why I am so much into dark and creepy stuff. I truthfully answered that I did not know other than, perhaps, I’m just sick and twisted. I’ve come to the realization, though, that I prefer to sit in the dark so I can appreciate the beautiful and light of the world and not take it for granted, and relish in its beauty when I’m inspirited to do so. God created this world and turned it into a beautiful masterpiece; God’s masterpiece should be no less wonderful than He Himself—and the includes the things we consider dark and creepy.


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