Bullying Should Lead to Jail Time

I suffered from a bit of bullying when I was in elementary school but I brought it upon myself for being the ultimate dork at the time. I can blame Piers Anthony and his Xanth fantasy series for getting me into puns and their punitive humor.

phoebe-princejpg-043d458035ac5f21_large Thankfully I happened upon some cool beans and got a groove that saved me from the level of bullying Phoebe Prince of South Hadley suffered after moving from Ireland to western Massachusetts.

"The investigation revealed relentless activities directed toward Phoebe to make it impossible for her to stay at school. The bullying for her was intolerable," Scheibel said.

Six teens — four girls and two boys — face charges including statutory rape, assault, violation of civil rights resulting in injury, criminal harassment, disturbance of a school assembly and stalking. Three younger girls face delinquency charges.

Scheibel said the harassment began in September. She said school officials knew about the bullying, but none will face criminal charges.

I can not begin to imagine what this poor girl went through. This bullying led her to kill herself.

Day_Fourteen___Phoebe_Prince__by_tehsanctuary2012The Massachusetts Legislature cited Prince’s death and the apparent suicide of 11-year-old Carl Walker-Hoover of Springfield last year when members passed anti-bullying legislation earlier this month.

The only legislation I would be willing to accept is bullying has a penalty of jail time for the little wretches who participate in it and those school officials who know of it and do nothing. School officials, once they have done their jail time, should be barred from working with children and schools for the rest of their life.


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