Noise, Music and Art

A friend on Facebook mentioned someone attracted her towards the Dutch symphonic metal band Within Temptation. I recommended other music bands of the same genre and style and listened to a song I had not heard in months by one of my favorite bands, Nightwish.

Listening to the live performance of Ghost Love Score by Nightwish through YouTube while driving earlier, I got chills up my back. I started thinking about the tragic fact Nightwish has never been able to make it as a mainstream success in the United States. It’s a bit depressing that such talent escapes the ears of people—and if it doesn’t, those people must be deaf.

Instead, noise (Lady Caca) and pop music are what’s considered good music in the US. I understand everyone will have different taste in music but there is simply no comparison between Lady Gaga’s early synth garbage and music that transcends into art:


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