Tea Party: Dumb Blonde of Politics

I thoroughly have to apologize to blonde women everywhere but the stereotype has found its true meaning. The Tea Party really is the dumb blonde of politics. Consider this Fox News interview by Douche (oops, I meant Steve Doocy) of ex-SNL member Victoria Jackson:


What’s worse is that Fox News is being rather hypocritical. Liberal protesters were made fun of and marginalized by people like Douc—nay, Doocy. Tea Partier Wayne Allen said on MSNBC that he’s not so much into intellectualism as he is into common sense, like the Libertarian Party is about common sense.

The problem with common sense is that it’s usually very, very wrong.


2 thoughts on “Tea Party: Dumb Blonde of Politics

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  2. “Common Sense” is supposed to improve as one gets more education. Common Sense and Intellectualism are not mutually exclusive. The Right Wing going deeper into the crazy, violent and the dishonesty shows that their brand of Common Sense has nothing whatsoever to do with a cognitive thought process. The Bimbo on this video is either drunk or intoxicated with the fumes from intense ignorance. If I had a dog that dumb, I'd never let it out of the house, much less put it on TV.

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