Census Outrage

650680_c63d_625x625 I’m honestly laughing at people with their feigned outrage on being asked about their race, place of origin and ethnicity on the U.S. Census. Since when should people be so ashamed of who they are that they would toss it aside as if it didn’t matter?

Who you are and where you come from is as much a part of what makes you who you are as what you think and believe and say does. Not acknowledging where you’re from, what makes you who you are on a biological level, is tantamount to denouncing your parents and generations before them in your bloodline.

Why feel ashamed that someone would want to know that part of you? As a citizen of a diverse nation, is it not something to be proud of–being a part of that diversity?

US_DR_Flag I was born in the Dominican Republic, out of the flesh and blood of my mother, a light skinned Hispanic woman, by the flesh and blood of my father, a light skinned Hispanic man. They are both Latinos, Hispanic, and now a part of the same nation that I adopted as my home. I live in Indiana and darken its hue slightly. I am not abashed of this and will wear my origins and color proudly to whomever asks me. I do not make a big deal of the fact I am different than those surrounding me—as a matter of fact, I’ve sat idly as people, ignorant of who I am, spout racist epithets at people like me. Nevertheless, I will not hide behind an anonymous mask.

As many people are writing in their Census document that they are merely American instead of noting their origin and race, I am also an American. Being an American, however, means being a part of a diverse group of people united as one. Regardless of that unity, we are all different and nothing should shame us of that. It’s a part of what makes this nation great. Anything else would be a lie.


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