Partisan Climate Change Denial

Bradford Plumer on the growing partisan divide in climate change skepticism:

So why the rise in skepticism? Was it those Climategate e-mails? All those news stories harping on a few small errors in the IPCC’s report? Sure, it’s possible that both episodes could’ve affected public opinion, even if neither was significant on the merits. Still, it’s interesting to look at the crosstabs of the poll, as Josh Nelson does, and note that skepticism about global warming is almost exclusively on the rise among political conservatives. Two years ago, for instance, 50 percent of conservatives believed climate change was already happening—that’s now down to 30 percent.

Here’s a much more accurate (in a ha-ha way) portrayal of American sentiment on climate change:


Conservatives say environmentalists and people concerned with climate change have fallen prey to a religious mentality yet the truth is some people put more faith into partisanship and their political ideology than in science and facts.


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