How Sarah Palin Could Win

I’m a bit late on the uptake since I’ve been a bit busy but I thought I should note the significance of what Paul Krugman said about the anti-intellectual security issues conservatives tend to suffer from:

l_a8713c1c09814771954c8e898f6e0a25Chait professes himself puzzled by the right’s intellectual insecurity. Me, not so much. Here’s how I see it: in our current political culture, the background noise is overwhelmingly one of conservative platitudes. People who have strong feelings about politics but are intellectually incurious tend to pick up those platitudes, and repeat them in the belief that this makes them sound smart. (Ezra Klein once described Dick Armey thus: “He’s like a stupid person’s idea of what a thoughtful person sounds like.”)

Inevitably, then, such people react with rage when they’re shown up on their facts or basic logic — it’s an attack on their sense of self-worth.

We, as a nation, haven’t learned a single thing from the disaster that was President Bush. The above description fits the Tea Party people and Sarah Palin perfectly. If we, as a nation, are willing to vote against intelligence again (Obama was lucky: he sailed on the coat tails of anti-Bush/Republican populism), we could very well see a Sarah Palin take the reins of the most powerful seat in the world.


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