Not A Stupid Public, Just Unaware

Renowned Republican pundit Charles Krauthammer believes Democrats talk down to people and thinks they’re stupid. Philosophical writer Gerard Alexander thinks liberals are condescending and thinks liberals consider “the benighted public is either uncomprehending or deliberately misinformed.”

What world do these gentlemen live in? The key difference between a Republican and a Democrat as far as the public’s knowledge and intellect is concerned is Republicans believe the people are stupid and take advantage of that fact via propaganda mediums such as Fox News; Democrats understand the public isn’t necessarily stupid but simply uninformed – and justifiably so! As Nate Silver notes:

…this month’s tracking survey from the Kaiser Family Foundation makes clear, there are a lot of beliefs the public has about the bill which are objectively wrong.

What we see is that most individual components of the bill are popular — in some cases, quite popular. But awareness lags behind. Only 61 percent are aware that the bill bans denials of coverage for pre-existing conditions. Only 42 percent know that it bans lifetime coverage limits. Only 58 percent are aware that it set up insurance exchanges. Just 44 percent know that it closes the Medicare donut hole — and so on and so forth.

What we’ve got here is a failure to communicate. In truth, however, what we’ve got here is a failure to stay genuine to one’s behaviors and project them to the opposing team, hoping to rally populist retaliation against the accused. Democrats understand the public is widely uninformed. Unlike Republicans, however, Democrats try to gauge where the public is uninformed and do as best as possible in their favor. Republicans will obviously disagree with me on that however how often do Republicans genuinely make decisions for the benefit of the general public instead of simply for the wealthy? Do Republicans truly believe all the middle class will some day fall within the category of wealthy Americans so they can enjoy the plethora of tax cuts Republicans provide the rich? That’s very doubtful.

bayhHaving said that, not all Democrats are that genuine. There are few politicians and leaders in any society who don’t fear losing their power and end up having to waver before their historical decisions to compensate for the fact they have fallen out of favor with the public. Regrettably there are those within the Democratic Party’s ranks who don’t care about the public’s need all that much. They’re the weak links in the chain, more afraid of losing their jobs than doing the good work for the public. These cowardly men and women don’t understand that the ultimate calling of a leader is to do what is right and just despite insurmountable adversity.

ben-nelsonSenator Ben Nelson (D-NE) saw dire consequences from his hold on the Senate health care reform bill. He walked away from his hold after being promised by the Democratic leadership they would include a load of pork for his state – all Medicaid would be paid for by the federal government. The people of Nebraska seem to be a bit more honorable as far as things like that go and Nelson felt the bitter backlash after that went public. In order to gain the public trust from his fellow Nebraskans, Nelson has decided to join the Republicans in filibustering Obama’s National Labor Relations Board nominee, Craig Becker. At a time when people are hurting from lack of jobs, Nelson decides to hit Democrats and the unemployed upside the head with this hold.

Not only has Senator Nelson decided to work against the better interests of those whom he represents, he has put the kabosh on the Obama administration’s plan to expose the Republicans for what they truly are: obstructionists against job creation, fiscal responsibility and much needed health care reform.

Senator Joe Lieberman (D-CT) has already tested the waters on the Republican side of the aisle and finds comfort in the warm pool of bovine manure that awaits him with open arms. How long before Ben Nelson follows in Lieberman’s foul wake?

These gentlemen act tough but do the same as the Republicans. They believe the people are stupid and won’t see through their political games. In truth, the public won’t know about their political games. The American people can smell the stench of politics very well but they don’t pay enough attention to the details to differentiate the cretins from the reasonable. The people aren’t stupid, they’re simply misinformed. We can blame the politicians and their misguided misinformation machine as well as the lack of journalistic integrity within the mass media mediums such as cable television news.

I don’t see a way out of this and it’s difficult to keep my head up but I’m trying to be more optimistic about things every day. I hope I can convince you of at least that.


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