President Obama: Close But Not Close Enough

President Obama is playing the role of a senator instead of a president. Perhaps the stores that he doesn’t have enough experience as an executive, thus a leader, were true. He hasn’t been very thorough in leading the Democratic Caucus but he has been very thorough in making changes to the way Washington works behind the scenes. That is great and an honorable mention however it doesn’t add any punch to the hope and change mantra the president used to get elected. He got elected to lead – not simply change how Washington works but also lead the American people towards years of HOPE. The American people feel hopeless because the president has been very passive in his words, in his policy towards the legislature on the biggest and most pressing issues Democrats and other voters are concerned with.

There are times he really digs in and starts plowing the dirt to get the foundation of a good legacy built:

"Suddenly everybody says, ‘Oh no, it’s over,’ " Mr. Obama said in mocking tones [in reference to health care reform]. "Well, no, it’s not over. We just have to make sure that we move methodically and that the American people understand what’s in the bill." […]

"We had to go into overtime," Mr. Obama said. "But we are now in the red zone. That’s exactly right. We’re in the red zone. We’ve got to punch it through."

That’s great! The president is close but not close enough. Why? He keeps punting right alongside the legislature. He doesn’t talk about it enough, doesn’t paint the picture as dire to Democrats who have been downplaying the need to pass the bill.

I for one am very willing to tell the Democrats why they should pass the bill: I will not vote for you – and there are plenty more of me to kick you out of office. The future be damned: if our representatives can’t do this now, they never will. It’s been 15 years since the last attempt when the Republicans pulled the same exact thing and I’ll be a middle-aged man by the time I see another attempt. By then, we’ll be worse off for the waffling we’re seeing today.


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