On Abstinence-Only Sex Non-Education

A letter to a friend on the titular subject:

What do you think real sex education does? Sex education works to scare kids into not having sex. It doesn’t work and abstinence only education scares them even less. You can have your ideological or religious values or whatever but when you talk about real world implications and consequences, idealistic ideas don’t ever hold water. This isn’t a logical paradise where people do the reasonable or logical thing all the time. The world is more complicated than anyone’s religious fantasy and ideals. What fantasies like abstinence only programs do is endanger kids and abandon them in a situation where they will still have sex but will be unprepared to deal with the reality of sex. They don’t learn how to protect themselves from disease or pregnancy.

At the end of the day, abstinence education or not, there will be hundreds of thousands of twelve to seventeen year olds who will be fucking and sucking each other off every day in this country. The statistics PROVE beyond the shadow of a doubt that abstinence only programs don’t work at all. 13.9% of WOMEN keep their vow of celibacy until marriage. Imagine how low it is amongst teenagers who do make that promise. All that ideological idealism and impractical practices do is endager children to disease and pregnancy, doom their unwanted progeny to poverty and strife, doom children to the emotional, physical and  practical traumas of having to make school a second or third inconvenience of import, and prove again and again the only miracle surrounding the abstinence only ideology is God’s creation of jizz spewed everywhere it doesn’t belong.

You have made your choice and are getting married very soon and are lucky to have found something to distract you from your urges. Kids have fewer and fewer things to keep them from having sex. You can say they should do things like volunteer at a church if they have nothing to do but that’s all a part of a choice isn’t it? You made that choice. By advocating abstinence-only education, you are taking away a choice from them: having educated sex — protected sex. They can still have unprotected sex but it goes to show that teen pregnancies went down once real sex education began and went up when sex education was limited to abstinence-only non-education. Why? You took that vital choice away. Now we have a bunch of uneducated kids starting and perpetuating the cycle of poverty, disease and ignorance.

Your new “abstinence”-begotten ghetto has been born.


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