The Death of an American Democracy

After the Supreme Court decision on 1/21/2010 by activist judges, corporations, including international corporations, were given the same speech rights that any human being has — essentially, the Supreme Court ruled that corporations are persons through and through.

That means wealthy foreigners who have controlling stakes in both American businesses as well as foreign companies who have subsidiaries or even warehouses within the United States will have the ability to spend billions of dollars buying ads during campaigns, influencing the elections.

What’s more troubling about this is that corporations don’t have to spend any of the money — all they have to do is tell your elected leaders that if they do not comply with the company’s requests and demands from that elected leader, the company will buy ads during their election to kick them out of office.

Now the corporation, including foreign corporations, will be able to control our elective process, making every American soldier that has died for our freedoms moot and pointless. The Supreme Court has stomped on our freedoms and pissed on the graves of every American soldier who has fought for his or her country.

The Boston Tea Party which started the movement leading to the creation of our country was begun because a British business entity , British East India Company, a monopoly protected by the British crown and government, was finding competition from foreign tea companies and wanted to put a stop to it. The British government levied taxes on tea exported to the American colonies and laid law that said the colonies could not buy any tea other than from the British East India Company, to force the competition out of the market, convincing the American people to revolt against a government that worked for corporations above the needs and desires of the people.

On the twenty first day of January in the two thousand tenth year of our Lord, the United States Supreme Court resurrected the British East India Company and the power it had on our governing body, emasculating and eliminating the power of the elective process, the voices of the individuals within our Democracy, and the opportunity for our children to shape their future as they see fit as citizens of God’s world and the American Democratic Republic we call the United States of America.

In light of these facts, what say you to the sacrifices of our soldiers who fought against corporate collusion with a government with only self-interest in mind?

In light of these facts, what say you to the dearth of power within the American people’s voice, a God given gift, right and obligation which is protected by the very First Amendment of the Constitution of our United States, the foundation of our society’s existence?

In light of these facts, what say you to the growing influence in the election process by inanimate, non-breathing, non-living fictional entities created by the power of the individual states themselves and not our Constitution?

In light of these facts, what are you going to do about it?

Pray? Prayer will do much good in the eyes of our Lord but it will not change the direction our country is going.

Cower in fear? Fear is the enemy of reason, logic, and the patriots who fought for our freedom — the American soldiers we laud as our heroes.

Feel apathy and complacency? You dishonor the American soldiers we laud as our brothers and sisters who have died for us and sacrificed in active duty instead of apathy and complacency against the oppressors who would deprive us of liberty and freedom.

There is only one option as a citizen of this United States of America, as a direct descendant of the heroes of our American Democratic Republic, as a force of the Lord’s will for freedom, peace, goodness, and love:

Rage, rage against the dying of the light! Fight against the corruption of our society, our nation, our home, the land of our forefathers and of our children!

Speak out against the usurping of our nation and our government that will be the end of Democracy in our United States of America! Call your congressmen and your senators, both in-state and in the federal government. Call your local representatives and demand change from this slippery slope to the end of America as we know it!


2 thoughts on “The Death of an American Democracy

  1. I have to admit Canada is looking better all the time. It’s getting hard not to be scared. It is one thing to fear the dark or the bad neighborhoods or zombies but it is something else to fear your government. I never thought it would happen in the United States. I’m starting to fear though. I really hate being wrong.

    • I don’t fear the government. I fear the voters, our fellow citizens, more than anything else. I fear that they won’t care and don’t care about what corporations and the government colluding with each other might create in this supposed Democracy.

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