Lagging Behind

I’ve missed some blogs. I’ve broken my promise to blog every day and I need to punish myself for it. Too bad self-flagellation is a no-no these days. I might have to punish myself by withholding sweet food from myself. I guess it’s a good thing I can’t have sweet food anyway.Speaking of lag, there seems to be some local interference that may be making my online life miserable. The owner and a technician of the internet service provider we have came by today to install a new 900 MHz Yagi antenna and face it towards a large, main tower they use for their network, hoping to improve our internet service. Once they installed the antenna and radio, they were getting a very strong signal but something around my house, or in my house, was causing interference that lowered our prospective 3 Mbps (which is normally throttled to 1.5 Mbps) connection down to 256 Kbps. They couldn’t figure out what the problem was. There was no point in installing and leaving a larger antenna that wouldn’t have improved our service while charging us the difference between the cost of the two antennas so they simply put up a different antenna of the same type we had.

They could have installed the antenna higher on our home, on the roof, but our shingles are not sturdy and safe and they do not have a ladder tall enough to get up that high. Hopefully we can remedy that ourselves and have them come back in the future. In the mean time, they’re going to test out some things and I will be doing some experimentation with potential sources of interference. They might eventually have to install a repeater at the neighbor’s residence if their connection stays constant and strong but that may come some time in the Spring, not any time soon.

Nevertheless, our connection has been working well since they left. Where we normally have 20% or higher packets dropped and so far we have had only 0.30% packets dropped out of 21000 sent. That’s a huge improvement.


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