On Gay Marriage

You’re still learning about me so here is another thing: I’m vehemently pro-gay marriage rights.

I have always been very open about marriage and relationships. I’ve always considered love between a pair of individuals as their business and none of mine unless they do something to make it my business. I know the real history of marriage, unlike those who want to romanticize it as something holy and God-created. Marriage throughout history has been both a financial and business transaction and a means to ownership of love. I said love, not the other person. The marriages in which the woman is treated as a servant and child bearer falls into the first batch of marriages, business transactions. Human slavery is still business when you get down to it. No one said business has to be moral or ethical; it rarely is anyway.

Marriage today might seem a lot more along the lines of the latter: ownership of love. By ownership I mean you get to experience it, share it, flaunt it and destroy it. It’s your marriage. Having said that, many marriages are still business transactions. A pair of high class people marrying for status and money are obviously doing it as a financial/business transaction. A pair of Hollywood celebrities might be doing it for their image or headlines; it’s a business transaction. A pair of lovestruck idiots who get pregnant and spawn a baby and stay together for the sake of their child and get married: it’s still business. It’s not about love between the couple any more, it’s an agreement between a pair of people deciding it’s best for the child to stay together and pretend to have been a traditional marriage from the get-go (dating, marriage, then baby, in that order). It’s not always the case but it’s often the case.

So why is it we romanticize marriage as if it’s a holy, God-given privilege to a glowing pair of man and woman? It’s never made any sense. Marriage is as ugly as the sin the wretched cretins who spit on and threaten violence on gays commit every day as they defy people’s rights of free will. Perhaps it’s because they see their own marriages as something special and above disapproval. Religion has a fault in all of this and the boy loving Catholic priests and money engorged Protestant ministers who hate “the gay” are themselves at fault for as much hatred and violence as they say they are against and disapprove of.

In truth, people who hate homosexuality and are against gay marriage think about gay marriage and gay sex as much as any homosexual does. Homophobes think in their minds and imagine a pair of men entangled and fucking each other in the ass; they probably think about it more than your average gay guy does. One of my favorite bloggers, David Badash tweeted “People who think legalizing gay marriage will make everyone want to be gay must be afraid of what’s inside themselves.”

I couldn’t have said it better.

My wife shared a couple of maps with me:

I’d say we have our priorities completely whacked. That or the more obvious problem is the cousin loving hicks have too much power in our country.


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