Funny Thing About Warcraft

The funny thing about World of Warcraft is if you wait long enough, you eventually trip over what you hope and desire. It can take months to finally get an item to drop just for you after running the dungeon or raid it drops in every single day. It takes weeks, sometimes months, of hard work to gain the in-game reputation to reap the rewards at exalted reputation. It takes an in-game lifetime to perfect your character and it never ends since the game keeps changing.

It also takes a while to find a guild ready to accept you for who you are. I have high hopes the guild I just joined is that guild. Interestingly enough, I was complaining about the lack of prospects of being a melee damage dealer looking for a guild willing to take one in not long ago. Oh, yesterday! Apparently it takes a bit of good luck and good argumentation to get what you want in a game like World of Warcraft as well.

So I am now a member of Vengeance of Valhalla, a guild on Uldum’s Alliance side. They’re one of the top 30 guilds on the realm and though I would, obviously, have liked to find myself in a higher ranked guild, they are succeeding in the latest raiding dungeons Blizzard, the parent company and creators of the World of Warcraft game, has put out. Unlike the previous guild I was in, this guild seems very intent on progressing in the game – exactly what I want.


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