World of Warcraft

I’ve been an avid player of World of Warcraft for the past five years, since some time in 2005. In that time, I have played several different characters however I have always made sure to play my characters as well as possible. I do as much research into the class I play as I do the politics I feel like arguing about or the scientific subject that piques my interest. Actually, I would go as far as saying I do much more research on my character’s potential than I do anything else. I almost live and breath World of Warcraft. If it wasn’t for my beloved with and family, all that caramel skin I naturally have would have gone albino a long time ago as I would never exit the little hole where I keep my computer. Forget light bulbs, I’ve got an green fel fireball shining in my face.

However, I do have trouble with the game. I’m very much a perfectionist and strive to experience as much of the game as possible. One problem inherent in the game is once things on your realm/server get going for a long time, people have progressed quite a bit and have created strong bonds and friendships. The problem comes in with the fact I’m a newcomer to the realm and the class I enjoy the most, the warrior, has limits. They’re great for tanking (keeping the attention of the enemies on them in order to allow the damage dealers and healers do their jobs) and damage dealing however there are so many other melee damage dealers out there, in every realm, that yet another damage dealer is not that hard to come by – so competition is fierce! I am an excellent tank – top of the line! I know what I’m doing and what to do and, as I said before, I do a lot of research on every aspect of the game, however I want to be a damage dealer first and foremost. So you see my dilemma.

I just left the guild I was in within the game. A guild is a corporation of sorts within the game. The guild gets its own chat channel, has many other forms of communication and organization, and they tend to do thigns together. Sadly, the guild I was in was not communicating and not doing things together. When we did things together, it rarely went well. We failed at raiding the big content miserably and I began getting frustrated at the fact I was basically assigned to be a tank and didn’t have a choice in the matter. I was a tank because I had a very good tanking armor set and knew what I was doing. Sure, it’s selfish of me to want to be a damage dealer and get the awesome items that drop from the bosses instead of tanking but how about some of the other people who could very readily get tanking gear? Why don’t they bother getting geared up like I did and be ready to tank? I don’t care to tank unless necessary. When you tank, expect to get the tanking gear instead of the damage dealing gear. Why would I want to limit myself like that — especially when the guild’s damage dealers and healers were so very bereft of potential. I’m not even going to go into how much leadership the guild lacked.

So I’m guildless and anxious. I need to find a new guild but, as mentioned before, melee damage dealers are a dime a dozen and there are few venues to advertise just how awesome I am as a damage dealer – and how I can tank as well sometimes, if necessary. This is not a good way to start the year.


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