Happy New Year’s!

So it seems I am a day late in posting the first blog of the year but to make up for it, I’ll be posting two blogs today! I guess my wife has made a resolution for both of us: blog every single day of the year. I don’t know how well this will work out but it should be doable since I follow bloggers who post every single day — several times a day, even.

It’s very obvious what my New Year’s resolution is: reaching my excess weight loss goal! I most recently had my three month check-up at the bariatric clinic I got my surgery done through and I have lost 23% of my excess weight, or approximately 70 pounds! I’m very excited about my progress through I could be doing a lot better than what I have been. If I exercise more, I’ll lose more. I eat well enough though it’s difficult getting up and fixing myself a variety of foods when it’s all so bland and uninteresting however that’s self defeating: my meals are bland and uninteresting because I don’t bother making them so. The fact we’re not loaded with cash all the time does hinder my ability to fix things up for myself, though. Sometimes I have to sacrifice getting that bag of chicken breasts (at almost $10 a pop, wow!) in lieu of more eggs simply because I want to use our cash flow effectively. Sadly, it doesn’t always work the way I planned. Sometimes others spend the money I’m trying to save for bigger things. That’s life, isn’t it?

Life also brings aggravation. My internet service provider, a local fixed wireless broadband company, has been having trouble keeping us online. We live out in the boonies, far away from any civilization — though not in the mountains — in the land of Indiana. We have cable television and internet lines cutting through the nearby highway but it doesn’t detour through our road even an inch. We are also within the distance limit for dsl but the hardware isn’t capable of providing that kind of bandwidth to any homes in the immediate area. Neither Comcast, the cable company, or Verizon, the telephone company, both which have virtual monopolies in the area due to franchise laws (thanks, idiots) — both which also have no interest in putting the hardware up to support service to us. The way big business in America works right now is pathetic: if it’s not going to provide a big boon to the stockholders right away, it’s a pointless venture — nevermind the long-term prospects and reliability of having the pathetic competition of fixed wireless in an area desperate for something better.


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