My Motivation

Greetings and welcome to my first blog post! My name is Edwin and I have decided to join the ranks of thousands, perhaps millions, who have started blogging for the sake of blogging. I never kept a diary or journal in my life but doing so is apparently very good for the writer’s soul – and I do enjoy writing.

So where am I? Interesting question: why am I not beginning with who I am? Where I am will explain a lot, that’s why. I live in Indiana with my beloved wife, her daughter who I consider my own, as well as our daughter’s two children. At thirty years old, that makes me a very young grandpa! More specifically, I live in a small house in between two rural towns. It’s a beautiful place to live – I’m surrounded by woodlands, green fields of grass, acreage of farm land, and all that one can ask of nature except, perhaps, steep cliff faces. Such beauty has one major flaw: it puts me very, incredibly, far from the form of civilization I cherish most dearly: city life.

Where am I not? I’m not in New York City, where I was raised. I chose, instead, to move to Indiana and give up all that big city life to be with my beloved Laurie, my wife whom I would never part from. No city, no lifestyle, no job can take me away from her. I’m not willing to take myself away from her. I’m very much a family man.

At the same time I’m also a technophile! I never imagined myself being so addicted to gadgetry since I was mostly a big personal computer type of nerd but I love my Blackberry, media player, and all that junk I really should be able to do without but can not seem to. Yes, I’m a tech nerd and proud of it. I dress up my computer to go on dates into the game world, cuddle it and give it kisses while my wife is not watching. OK, maybe I don’t but I do very much love playing on my computer.

I’m also big on science. That is, I’m very much interested in science and the scientific progress mankind makes on his and her journey into the unknown. There aren’t many things more interesting than a new mathematical observation further proving the likelihood of abiogenesis, a basic physics discovery that leads to further understanding in astrophysics, or man’s seemingly endless work towards reaching absolute zero degree temperature in matter.

Being that interested in science one would be safe to assume I am also appreciative of reason and logic. This does not seem to compute since I’m also interested in politics. There is no reason or logic in politics, only biased rhetoric and belligerent imbecility. Nevertheless, here I am, always watching the news, reading the latest report, and drowning in oceans of bills and proposals out of our beloved congress. Please excuse my madness if you find it offensive. I’ll try to keep it at a minimum.

Another thing about me is something that I feel much shame for: I am super obese.

No, I am not stuck to my chair, on a bed, nor does anyone have to remove a wall to get me out of my house. I’m perfectly capable of rolling myself out the door on my own. My wife will probably punch me for talking about myself that way but I’m of the opinion I can beat myself up a bit for letting myself get to this point. I can not blame anything or anyone but myself – it was my complacency and laziness that got me to this place.

There is a cure for my self-inflicted illness, though. On September 17, 2009, I will be put to sleep and a level 80 human rogue will eviscerate me. Hooray for pig!

Indeed, I will be undergoing open gastric bypass surgery. I am currently at my largest, 440 lb. (I am 5’7″ tall), and am supposed to weigh somewhere around 170 lb., which is a very reasonable size for me and my wide build. A person who undergoes gastric bypass surgery can lose approximately 70-80% of their excess body mass, which would be around 216 lb. of weight loss, leaving me at 224 lb. That is absolutely not acceptable for me. Considering I’m male with a good amount of testosterone in me, I’ll likely find myself at the 170 lb. mark. I have my goals and with the help of my beloved wife who also went through the surgery several years ago, I will find that wonderful state of body I have not been in in well over a decade.

So that is me, sort of. There is obviously a lot more about me but I’ll leave it for some other time. I’d hate to blow it all at once.


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